The Olivvia Story

Weinheimer Leder GmbH has added an extraordinary product to its range: “Olivvia”. These remarkable leathers are made using an all-natural tanning procedure. In this process, an essence from olive leaves is used for tanning.

Our “Olivvia” leathers add a sustainable product to our range of high quality leathers. We are proud that our “Olivvia” leathers have passed all physical and chemical tests required by the “Association pour L’Assurance Qualité des Fabricants de Bracelets Cuir”, the Association for Quality Control of Leather Bracelets Manufacturers. Apart from watch-straps, the leathers also find application in the creation of high quality shoes and leathergoods as well as in furniture, wall-coverings and interior art projects.

“Olivvia” distinguishes itself trough its soft and pleasant feel as well as its unique and natural smell of leather with a warm undertone of olives. Its low allergy risk makes it suitable leather for sensitive customers.

As with all our leathers, the raw material is sourced from the Alpine regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We produce according to the best practice standards with an emphasis on environmental protection as well as good employee relations. Partnerships with suppliers, customers and the workforce are important to us. Our personal commitment is a guarantee for highest quality production.


By teaming up with the company “Wet-green”, we have been given access to an innovative vegetable tanning method. In this process, an extract from olive leaves is used for a neutral tanning of the leathers. This helps to eliminate chemicals, such as chrome, making the leathers suitable for sensitive customers.

The leathers are known to have a very low allergy risk, as many chemicals can be omitted. It is also a very sustainable process, as olive leaves are a waste product during harvest and pruning. In the past, the leaves have been burnt, creating an environmental impact. By sourcing the leaves for “wet-green” technology, this environmental impact can be reduced. To find out more about “Wet-green”, please visit their site at

The Olivvia Collection