Sustainability through transparency

Top quality leather begins with the animals and their environment. We source our raw material exclusively from the Alpine regions, where responsible behaviour towards both livestock and the countryside is an absolute priority. During the tanning process wecombine traditional craftmanship techniques and strict controls to produce finished leathers of the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing and free of any harmful substances.

Weinheimer Leder stands for clean, ecological and ethical leathers, produced according to Western standards. Thenks to the independent OEKO-Tex test label, most of our leathers are tested according to the OEKO-Tex Leather standard.

Transparency is our top priority. We attach great importance to traveability along the entire value chain. This means that we have verifiably control from the origin of the raw material to the end product – the Weinheimer leather.


In order to keep track of our skins and their history at all times, each of our leather skins has its own barcode. This means that we can not only determine the origin of the leather fur exacly, but also the type of manufacture and all item-specific information. The value chain can be traced more precisely using the barcode and the barcode number.

Value chain

Raw material

Purchasing of raw materials from the alpine regions.

Tannery Kegar

Tanning with Freudenberg recipes, often over 100 years old.

Weinheimer Leder

Inspection of every skin to create maximum transparency.


Every skin has to undergo a strict quality control.

Sorting / Shipping

Sorting into different grades with subsequent shipment.